Best affiliate marketing tips for beginners

In this article,I’ll focus specifically on 2 affiliate marketing tips for beginners that I believe would make a significant impact on your business because when people start with affiliate marketing they struggle for months. And the reason for this is because they don’t focus on the right things. And I believe the right things to focus on are these 2 tips, so I think you’ll love what I’ll teach you right here.

So before I go with tip number 1 let me share with you that I’ve been in this industry for a while and 5 years ago, I think, I was an affiliate for this online marketing company and I was promoting their products and I, in fact, became number 2 affiliate out of 30 000 active affiliates, so I am extremely humble and blessed to say this today, but even since then we’ve been working with a lot of affiliates promoting our products of our companies.

So I know a thing or two about affiliate marketing, and I just want to teach you so that you don’t make the same mistakes that we see people do every single day. Alrighty? So let’s start with tip number 1. Now, tip number 1 is a lot of people focus on the specific affiliate offer and they don’t focus on building their channel. So tip number 1 is: “Instead of focusing on the affiliate offer, focus on building your three channels.” What do I mean by this? For example, you see a lot of people online, teaching: “Hey, you can make money online, you should promote this company and you’ll become a millionaire.” Or whatever the case is, right? So, a lot of people kind of see this and they say: “OK, this company is really good, this product is really good, I’ll start promoting this and I’ll make a lot of money, just because the product is really good, people want to buy it.” You see? But it doesn’t work like this because people are going to buy from you if they like you, if they trust you and if you help them.

You see? They like you, if they trust you and if you help them. So, in order to do this, it doesn’t happen by just promoting products and services; what you have to do is you have to build your channels. You have to build your YouTube channel, you have to build your website blog and you have to build you Facebook page because by doing these you’re building a real business. See, if you just go and promote, but you don’t build these channels people are not going to like you, people are not going to trust you and you don’t help people because you don’t create any content for them, you don’t give them any value. So, you’re kind of like the door to door salesman – you constantly knock on doors and you say: “Buy this, buy this, buy this!” but no one trusts you because you don’t have your own channel, you don’t have your own store, which is a psychical store.

So that’s why you want to choose one at first. What are you going to choose – are you choosing your YouTube channel, are you choosing your website blog or are you choosing to build your Facebook page? So that you can start building this real business instead of just promoting and instead of just selling, ok? Now, tip number 2 is: “You have to know your audience.” For example, let’s take Global Expert Space. So let’s say in Global Expert Space we teach people which are Coaches, Online Marketers, Network Marketers, Trainers, Speakers, Educators – whatever the case is, how to position themselves, how to package their knowledge and how to market strategically, right? And then we say: “OK, so we’re going to build our channels, we’re going to build out YouTube channel, we’re going to build our website blog and we’re going to build our Facebook page.” Now the next step for you is you have to understand pretty much who are the people in your audience; you have to understand: “So who am I serving?” How are you going to sell something, an affiliate product to someone, if you don’t know what they need, what they want so that you can offer it? You see? You’re kind of like a doctor – when someone goes to the doctor office, what does the doctor do? The doctor checks the person and they say: “Ha, you know, I look at you and I think that you have these symptoms, so I am going to prescribe this medicine.” So you’re kind of the same way – if you know your customers that you’re serving, if you know the people that are visiting your channels – remember because you build these channels, you grow these channels, so people are visiting these channels, right? And then you can say: “OK, because I know my audience because I know my patients, I know what to prescribe.

I know what affiliate offers to prescribe to these people that are coming to my channels.” Do you start to understand how you build a real business? Now, this is the difference between the top multi-millionaire affiliates that you see on the Internet versus the people who are just spamming over the Internet.

Beginners tips for Buying TV ads

Hey everybody! It’s Lydia Lane from again. Just wanted to let you know what’s going on in my day. So, yesterday I was having a really great conversation with a perspective new client that’s asking us to look at their TV buying and planning…and in talking with him, I could kind of tell that he is a little bit new to the TV and media buying kind of thing; this is one of his first ventures in this.
Very intelligent individual, just doesn’t have a lot of that experience. And it made me want to make this post on three quick tips when first looking at buying broadcast TV, for yourself or for potentially a client of yours.

The first tip that I want to let you know is: Don’t just look at rates. Don’t just look at the cost of a spot in a specific program. Also factor in the cost per thousand or the cost per point. The cost per thousand is what it costs to reach a thousand impressions for a specific demographic. So, for example, if you are going to buy the 5am news for $100 and its going to reach 10,000 people, then you do some basic math to find out that it costs you $10 to reach 1,000 people for that program.

The nice thing about that is you can take that $10 and look at another program, and you have an apples-to-apples comparison–because when you’re buying advertising, ya, you’re buying the programs to be in and everything like that, so you have that brand recognition that’s aligned with it and you also have that type of audience that likes to watch that, but you’re really buying people. I mean, that’s what you care about, that’s why you advertise, is to reach people, right? So, this allows you, on a very basic level, to say “It cost me this amount of money to reach 1,000 with this program, and this amount of money to reach 1,000 people with this program” and you can easily compare them.

The next item that I would recommend, or my next tip…a lot of people are familiar with Nielsen rating points, and a lot of times when a TV station presents to a client, the information that they provide is off of Neilsen rating points or even ComScore, where it is the thousands and the rating points. There is so much more research and data that’s available to you nowadays. You don’t have to know the names of them, you don’t have to be like, hey I need a Scarborough report on XYZ, just know that you can say, hey this is really cool.
I understand that I am reaching this amount of people, but I’m a Ford dealership, and I’m focused on my F-150’s,, I’m really interested in people who buy trucks.

Can you give me any information on how you reach people that want to buy trucks. Or, I’m a restaurant, I want to reach people that are within a 3 mile radius of all my different locations. Come up with this questions and just ask them. It’s okay to ask them because a lot of times they have this information, especially if you’re in a larger market. But guess what? Even if they don’t have the information, they’ll try to figure out something to give you that kind of data most of the time, or they’ll be open and honest and say, listen, sorry, we don’t subscribe to that data, and then at least you asked, and you either get it or you don’t, but at least you just need to know to ask for the data you want because the research is out there, whether a station subscribes to it is a totally different thing.